Our Strategies

Four strategies define how we approach our projects:

Learn about our communities’ and partners’ needs.

In order to conduct meaningful and ethical research, it is important to us that we work with communities that are at the center of our study. We recognize that community members have expertise in their lived experiences and that by working with them, we gain a better understanding of our topics of research and the impact that changes can have on their community.

SWAG – Sexual Wellness and Growth

Develop and sustain key partnerships.

It is not enough for researchers to study issues of sexuality by themselves. In order to provide the greatest support to others and promote societal change we must partner with other groups. This includes other academics, community organizations, and advocacy groups. We aim to provide support in understanding the intersectionality of sexuality, culture, and identity in order to help others better support the communities they serve.

Askable Adults

Share the outcomes of our work.

As researchers, we believe that it is critical for our findings to be easily accessible. This includes making our findings publicly available as well as attending both local, regional, national, and international conferences to share our findings. Being active and present in the field of research. Demonstrating our work and offering seasoned and novice researchers opportunities to develop as researchers.

SWAG – Sexual Wellness and Growth

Educate scientists about the value of community.

In our attempts to decolonize sexuality research, we believe it is important to share our methods with other human service professionals. Where research typically places all of the power in the hands of the researcher, we challenge others to question this narrative and work with communities to better address their needs and to better understand their experiences.

Sexological Worldview